News: Peter Dunn's work on health issues is currently showing at the ICA London until the 10th of July. He has two new public artworks: outside the Tab drop-in centre, Spitalfields, and at Roneo Corner, Romford. More info and images will be added soon.

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 ART.e @ the art of change is a visual public arts organization concerned with the issues of change. Particularly transformation of the urban environment and its impact upon quality of life and cultural identity. It represents a new departure in the relationship between Art, Regeneration, Technologies and environments (hence ART.e) and is a legacy organisation of The Art of Change.

The practice ranges from strategy, through creative development, to production. We are committed to the concept of sustainability and employ these principles wherever possible and practical. Our approach is contextual and situated - each project is developed in relation to its social and physical environment, working with communities of interest and location.

The core team is a unique combination of visual arts practitioners and strategists, resourced with administrative backup. 

We have public artworks in many London boroughs and towns in the Uk - see Public Artworks