Awakenings, after Stanley Spencer's Resurrection, Tate Gallery, London. ( The Art of Change 1995-6)

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Collaboration with George Green's School, Isle of Dogs and Tate Gallery,Millbank. The young people explored works in the Tate's collection, deconstructing what was historically, culturally, class and gender specific, and then 'changed places' with the artist to remake the work about themselves and their lives. The project was also a collaboration between artists Peter Dunn and Loraine Lesson. Peter Dunn created the final digital montage which was was displayed as a 13 ft x 7 ft Cibachrome print at the Tate Gallery during 1995-6. It is now on permanent display in the Foyer of the Town Hall, Mulberry Place, London Borough of Tower Hamlets and George Greens School.