Archive: Docklands Community Poster Project 1981 - 8

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The 'Changing Picture of Docklands' comprised two Sequences of 18ft x 12ft Photomurals on six sites in and around London's Docklands. Images were developed through research and discussions with the community representatives on London Docklands Poster Co-op, comprising representatives from all the tenants and action groups in docklands. Posters, Other work included:leaflets and Pamphlets as part of the seven year compaign, together with a documentary archive of photographs of demonstrations and changes to the environment; Issue Specific Exhibitions; the People's Armada to Parliament - involving over 2000 people on boats, plus shore-side festivals. Finally a Docklands Roadshow took the the lessons of Docklands to other places around the country where docklands style redevelopment was being planned. The full Roadshow included a whole range of exhibitions, selected Photomurals and audio visual materials on such issues as: a history of the Docks: their building,their place as hub of empire and the development of organised labour; the impact of the Development Corporation's strategies on the environment, the local economy and the community; Housing, Childcare and transport; the Community Fightback including popular planning. Workshops around these and other issues were set up using the expertise of local tenants and action groups, sympathetic planners, economists, in order to target particular audiences.

Lead Artists and co-ordinators: Peter Dunn and Loraine Leeson, Graphic Designer, Sandra Buchannan, with other contributions by Tony Minion, Sonia Boyce, Donald Rodney, and an exhibition of 'living in Docklands by Keith Piper

This material is now housed in the Docklands Museum, with photomural artwork and archive negatives with the Artist (Peter Dunn)