Poplar Futures 2002 to Present, Poplar, East London

Poplar Futures  A sister project of Futuretown And Beyond (FAB) over 100 participants create Visions for the future of their area which were put onto the website <www.poplarfutures.org> and projected on the outdoor Interactive Megascreen (8m) at Chrisp Street Market... More

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Poplar Futures - Pilot & Phase One 2002- Present

 Working with the ‘Idea Store' and Poplar HARCA in Chrisp Street Market,  in collaboration with Leaside Regeneration, the project explores ideas for the future development of the area - these Visions in the form of images and texts are put onto the website, exhibited, and where possible and practical, implemented. This is a ‘sister project' to Futuretown And Beyond (see Featured Projects), linking via websites.
Phase 1, the pilot ‘IDEAS' we worked with schools and community groups, in workshops that explored how to visualise what an ‘idea' looks like - light in the darkness, making sense, order ( or patterns) out of chaos, a seed of growth of a gift of use or beauty. These visualised ‘ideas' were incorporated into public art proposals for the area surrounding and inside the Chrisp Street Ideas Store.
Phase two: developed with a further 100 workshops, exploring their ‘Futures', constructing the website and fundraising for implementation.. The linking of Poplar Futures and FAB began the first phase of our ‘Global Town Square' networking.
Phase 3 (Funded by Children In Need) extended the catchment area and consolidated the ‘pathways to learning' for participants through links with local further and higher educational institutions.
Phase four: funded by FDF (Flexible discretionary Fund, Dept Works and Pensions) enabled us to work with more intensively with adults, create pathways to learning and employment, and to make the projection system at Chrisp Street interactive via a touch screen on the Ideas Store and mobile phone activation. Launch of New Projections February 27 09 - see the slides of the event from slide 42.