Silwood Traces, Silwood Estate Rotherhithe, London 2004-6

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A commission through Creative Lewisham to provide a series of artworks in a ‘pocket park' and in strategic places on the refurbished and newly built areas of this Estate near the Surrey Docks, South London. Comprises a 5m stainless steel sculpture, a wall mosaic and 11 paving design areas surrounding the pocket park. The theme of the design and workshops was 'Traces from a hidden city' - the exploration and discovery of objects (imagined or real) left in the ground representing a hidden history. Based upon fossils of Ammonite and similar shell structures, the design proportions follow the Fibonacci sequence, also representing growth as a metaphor for a new identity. Funded by London & Quadrant Housing; liaison with Landscape Architects, BPTW, Bailey Garner, and Higgins (Builders).