Public Art Consultancies

Hackney Central Public Art Consultancy

2014 Appointed Arts Consultant for Genesis Housing Association

To Date we have scoped, costed, designed and submitted the planning application for a public artwork for the Mildmay Development in Spitalfields, London. The report is currently confidential and not publicly available yet.


London Borough of Hackney

public art consultancy report that included site appraisal, public consultation and presentation public art opportunities at the Railway Bridge and nearby Tower. The report was adopted by the council.

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Distance Learning Research.


University of Westminster, London .

Peter Dunn was commissioned to research the pedagogic and practical implications for the introduction of Blended and Distance Learning Models into the School of Media Art and Design for 2012. The report is the property of University of Westminster and not publicly available.

Lead Creative Agent.


The Green School, Isleworth, London .

role: to challenge the school to be more creative across the curriculum, initiate cross curricula projects and strategies. One of the priorities was to ensure that this crossed the humanities - sciences divide . Themes such as Tree of Life and Fibonacci mathematics and geometry were used extensively. A range of Creative Practitioners were brought in to contribute: outcomes involved environmental works throughout the school, including Stained-glass work in the chapel, through Paper-Works in the Library, to sustainable growing projects in the school garden. There was a 2 phase outreach project involving textile works with both elders from the community and young people from the school. There is no document accompanying this but photo-documentation of the projects will be available in the projects section shortly.

Pirelli Public Art Project, Phase 1 Consultation.


Eastleigh Borough Council, Hampshire.

This the consultation phase of a project to site a major landmark sculpture in the centre of a new housing estate built on the old Pirelli factory site. The project involves consultation with residents, workshops in the local school and preparation of a briefing pack for Phase Two which includes:the results of consultation,  residents views of what they would like to see, historical background, environmental appraisal and a range of images from the consultation process and environmental appraisal. This will go onto the Council's website. There is no 'document' for this - please go to the Eastleigh website to view .

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Regeneration Stategy for St. Leonards, Hastings 


Hasting Borough Council

A Collaboration with Kent Architecture Centre and Creative Cultures. Peter Dunn provided input into the wider strategy that included a Design Manual for St. Leonards (led by Kent Architecture Centre) and led on the Public Art Strategy, including the 'Arts Corridor' from the station to the sea.

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Public Art Strategy for 2012, Phase 1.


2004 - 5

London Borough of Newham

Preparation for the 2012 Olympic Bid. A collaboration with Creative Cultures..

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Art Trail, Hackney Marshes

1997 - 2000
London Borough of Hackney

A project partnered with Groundwork Hackney and Sustrans to develop a cycle path across the Hackney Marshes with associated artworks. This included 1) a new bridge over the River Lee joining Hackney Marshes to the Lee Valley Park, 2) consultation, development and 3) commissioning of public artworks. . .
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Challenging Public Art

Bethnal Green City Challenge, East London UK

Consultancy and report with visualisations making recommendations for over sixty sites. Overall strategy for consultation, financing and infrastructural networks designed for the creation of public art to engender a feeling of ownership, celebration, and sense of becoming for the communities in the area. . .
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Civic Sense


Development of the 3- 6 year strategy for the redevelopment of Portsmouth City Centre through a redefinition of the ëcivicí; involvement of citizens, mobilising existing cultural and community networks, creating new partnerships between the statutory, voluntary, community and commercial sectors; transforming the quality of the built environment. . .
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Millennium Strategy

Portsmouth UK

"Heavens' Light - Navigating Public Art for the Millennium".Public Art Strategy for Portsmouth Harbour Millennium Renaissance.Consultation and production of comprehensive report including site specificity, partnerships, resources, themes and development opportunities. . .
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Public Art Consultants to Portsmouth City Council

1995 - 2000
Portsmouth UK

2000 Public Art Consultants to Portsmouth City Council , beginning with Portsmouth Tomorrow which give rise to the Wymering Public Art Project, followed by their Millennium Strategy. . .
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Public Art Consultants to Royal London Hospital

Whitechapel, London UK

Advice on navigating and improving access through artworks, colour and signage. . .
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Public Art Strategy


Public Art Strategy for Newhaven - initial consultation, pending awaiting further funding. . .
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Public Consultation & Feasibility for a Memorial to Civilian War Dead in Lambeth.

2001 - 2
London Borough of Lambeth UK

Resulted in a report and recommendations to the Town Centre Management Group for phased implementation. . .
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Term Consultants - Public Art

1995 - 8
London Docklands UK

Public Art for the London Docklands Development Corporation resulting in one major artwork, Dragon's Gate in Limehouse, and a series of temporary artworks around the rebuilding of the bombed South Quay area. . .
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The Green Chain: Forging the Links

Lee Valley Park

The strategy involved visualisations as examples of an approach exploring the 'green chain' concept in a variety of ways, some artist-led with consultation, others as enabling projects, some utilising high technology and a number using post-industrial or natural materials found in the Park. . .
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Transforming and Professionalising

Hastings, UK

Transforming and Professionalising: for an Arts Organisation in Hastings. Began with formal and legal incorporation of the business, involved project, time, personell and financial management, professional development, fundraising and more. . .
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